Senior Stylist/Level 4

Tegan graduated from Capri College of Cosmetology in 2009. Since then she has been busy studying all aspects of her cosmetology license including esthetic and nail services. Tegan has also taken hair color and cutting classes like Pure Form Cutting, Pure Blonding, and Full Spectrum Deep Color. She has had the great opportunity to assist many talented and well-known hair dressers like Jon Reyman and Ricardo Dinis. Her talent doesn't stop there. Tegan has pursued makeup training and education. She has attended Bridal Makeup with Rudy Miles and Runway Makeup with Janelle Geason, the Global Aveda Makeup Director. When attending hair shows like, Master Jam and Aveda Congress, she is inspired by the new trends and looks.

Tegan is a proud member of the Aveda Freelance Advisor program. She has been able to travel around the Midwest to salons and help them with makeup events. She is also an Aveda Mentor. She is always learning and teaching on what's new with the industry and Aveda.

I love taking a client to a new beauty world; one where they're the star. I want all my clients to walk out feeling and looking the best they possibly can. When I do any service on a client I want them to feel comfortable telling me what their challenges are so I can help show solutions. I love doing big changes for clients if that's what they desire, or if they prefer a look that is easy to maintain, I am more than happy to do that as well. During our consultation I’ll walk you through all the ways we can achieve your desired look, and we'll choose the best solution for you and your lifestyle!

Outside of the salon, in whatever free time I have, I like to read, paint, throw on the pottery wheel, do yoga, run, crafts, and explore photography. Spending time outdoors in all seasons is incredibly important to me, because I feel a breath of fresh air and a cup of tea can relieve a lot of life's stresses. There are very few things in life I don’t find inspirational, some things I find very stimulating are art, nature, architecture, fashion, and history. I love looking to new and old fashion for inspiration. Older trends can tell us a lot about what will be happening later, and what's going to be on trend coming up. Creating looks similar to older trends fascinate me because people used to live so simply…not knowing which tools to use for what styles. Now that we have this education and knowledge I feel it is important for us, the beauty industry, to share this information with our clients. I am so excited to be in a field where I am not only able to, but encouraged to, educate my clients on what looks, styles, and products are best for them!

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